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Water Conservation

Pressure Regulating Heads

Water pressure can even vary within the same irrigation system and within one zone of irrigation. Pressure regulated heads reduces wasted water by keeping the constant spray and preventing over-spray and misting

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is used to target specific areas (plant, shrubs, etc) to increase water efficiency. Reducing over-spray will cut down on the amount of wasted water and save you money.

Rain Gauges

With a rain gauge installed, the irrigation system will automatically prevent watering when adequate rain has accumulated. There's no need to turn the controller on and off, the rain gauge will control it for you.

Irrigation controllers

Irrigation controllers allow you to control the amount and timing of your watering. Our servicemen can make adjustments for adequate watering of your landscape. We recommend watering early in the morning to prevent water loss due to evaporation.

Weather based controllers - Intelligent Water Management

Water savings of 20% - 70% compared to traditional controllers. These controllers connect to a local weatherstation to measure rainfall, temperature, and local conditions. The controller automatically adjusts the amount of watering in reference to the weather.

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