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Irrigation Service

Our servicemen are fully trained and experienced in all types of irrigation repair and design.

Spring start ups

In Alberta we usually start up irrigation early May. This involves pressuring up the irrigation lines and inspecting for any problems. We check to make sure there are no leaks and all heads are spraying correctly. Most problems can be fixed in the same appointment. We also adjust the irrigation controllers and customize the timing for your needs.


Repairs can be arranged the whole summer. Repairs include broken heads, adjustments, wiring problems, controller replacements, rain gauge installations, valve and header replacements.


The Rain Man is capable of revamping all models and designs of irrigation systems, due to yard modifications or changes in watering needs.


All irrigation systems in Alberta need to be prepared for winter. This involves turning off the irrigation water and using a compressor capable of high volumes of air. We inspect the irrigation to make sure there are no problems and that all areas are purged of water.


  • Easy to operate controllers
  • Knowledgable servicemen for all controllers available
  • Servicemen adjust zone timing specifically for your lawns needs. (Every zone requires different amounts of watering times)

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